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Survivor’s Guilt

Posted on: May 1st, 2009 by

This is how the story goes: I had a friend around my age. She died. I lived. I lived because she died. Faun and I became fast friends, well, fast. We met at a breast cancer survivor’s group, and even though I was the newbie to a well-established group, she and I hit it off. [Read the full story …]

Cancer Myths

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“You’re Fired!”

Posted on: May 1st, 2009 by

In a previous blog, I mentioned that I would share my know-how of hiring and firing doctors. Long before “the Donald” made “You’re Fired!” the catch-phrase of the millenium, hiring and firing people was and is a part of doing business. But despite all the sweet business deals to be had, there’s no business more [Read the full story …]

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Posted on: April 29th, 2009 by
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Beth L. Gainer is a professional writer and has published an essay on her breast cancer experience in the anthology Voices of Breast Cancer by LaChance Publishing. She teaches writing and literature at Robert Morris College in the Chicago area. She can be contacted at and She also blogs on the … Continue [Read the full story …]

Say ‘No’ to Thugs

Posted on: April 26th, 2009 by

We are able to say “no” to our children, teenagers, relatives, friends, and significant others. So why is it so difficult to say “no” to doctors? Society is groomed to say “yes” to authority figures – particularly doctors. Maybe it’s because we are inundated with TV shows and all kinds of medi-dramas that place doctors [Read the full story …]

Top 10 Reasons to Run Away From a Doctor

Posted on: April 19th, 2009 by
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Clearly, there are doctors who should not perform the science and art of medicine. And medicine is a science and an art because doctors need to balance information from research and their fields of expertise and the art of applying this knowledge to help their patients. Recently I wrote about Five Quick Tips for Choosing [Read the full story …]

Top Five Quick Tips on Choosing Doctors

Posted on: April 17th, 2009 by

In a previous blog, I covered Litmus tests for how to assess whether a doctor is right for you. Here, in a nutshell, are the top five things to keep in mind when considering a doctor — from gateway doctor (primary care physician/internist/family doctor) to specialist: 1. Bring a notebook to your first appointment with [Read the full story …]

A Train Car Named Quagmire

Posted on: April 15th, 2009 by

In a previous blog, I mentioned an instance where I aired my dirty medical laundry on a train car to get what I wanted and needed from the administrative side of the medical system. This is that episode. The drama unfolded with me as lead actor, director, and writer of my medical destiny — oh, [Read the full story …]

The Gateway Doctor

Posted on: April 9th, 2009 by

My grandmother always told me, “If you have your health, you have everything.” As a child, I didn’t understand the truth in these words. I didn’t heed these words as a healthy young adult: I came from very genetically healthy stock — people in my family die of old age for goodness sakes, even the [Read the full story …]

A Patient-Centered Bill of Rights

Posted on: April 3rd, 2009 by

Too often, patients are confused by the language of various Patient’s Bills of Rights because the language is often convoluted and confusing. It’s hard enough to be a patient, so reading through muddling language only adds anxiety. So, in my Fantasy World of Medical Advocacy, here’s my version of what a Patient’s Bill of Rights [Read the full story …]