Book Review: Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery

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Third Time Lucky

I’ve just been on a magnificent adventure. And I didn’t even have to leave home.

I traveled through Pasha Hogan’s inspirational journey in her beautifully written memoir Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery. This book covers the author’s experience with being diagnosed with breast cancer three times by the time she was 31. Pasha captures the devastation of multiple breast cancer diagnoses and treatments, as well as their psychological and physical effects.

A career-minded woman at first, Pasha’s goal was to climb the corporate ladder. For each of her first two breast cancer diagnoses, she convinced herself that she was fine and coping well. And the corporate ladder was still beckoning. The third diagnosis and its aftermath, however, caused her to seek coping strategies and to re-evaluate her life.

But this book is not just about cancer. Instead, it reveals a joyous discovery of Pasha’s authentic self. Recovery from cancer becomes the catalyst for the author’s self-reflection and spiritual transformation.

Each chapter has us witness Pasha shedding layers of the life she expected to have – and the person she thought she was – to reveal the life she was meant to have and to discover who she really is. It is truly amazing to witness Pasha’s relationship with herself change over the course of this memoir.

Her journey is fascinating – from being spiritually uplifted at a U2 concert to purchasing a lovely home on the coast of a small Irish town, appreciating a lengthy stay in India, and having incredible adventures in Sedona, Arizona. Pasha’s journey leads her to get in touch with her artistic, spiritual side.

Part of her journey has been in helping others affected by cancer – through Reiki and workshops designed to help others heal emotionally. Pasha insightfully takes us on her adventure toward self-acceptance and self-love, and I gained a lot through her wisdom. I found myself cheering for Pasha, as she captured me with her moving story.

This book is written from the heart, and the words come pouring out from Pasha’s very soul. I could not stop reading this memoir and was up until all hours of the night savoring her adventures. Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery is a gift that will transform readers.

You can purchase the book here.

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9 Responses to Book Review: Third Time Lucky: A Creative Recovery

  1. Marie Ennis-O'Connor (@JBBC) had this to say about that:

    What a lovely review Beth. You really capture the spirit of Pasha’s journey. Thanks for sharing it with us. Marie x

  2. Beth L. Gainer had this to say about that:

    Marie, the pleasure was all mine! I felt a real connectedness to the book. Pasha really drew me in with her words.

  3. had this to say about that:

    I’m sold. I’m reading this book! Thanks for the review and recommendation.

    • Beth L. Gainer had this to say about that:

      You are so welcome, Eileen! I think you will enjoy this book. Happy reading!

  4. Nancy's Point had this to say about that:

    You might think I’d be tired of reading cancer-themed books, but I’m not. And I love memoirs period, so this one sound pretty interesting. Thanks for this terrific review, Beth.

    • Beth L. Gainer had this to say about that:

      Nancy, I’m also not tired of reading cancer-themed books. I feel a connectedness to them, understandable. You are welcome for the review. It is a really great book!

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  6. Renn had this to say about that:

    Gotta put this on my Amazon wish list! Thanks for an engaging review!

    • Beth L. Gainer had this to say about that:

      Thanks for reading my review, Renn! Glad you want to read this book. It’s definitely worth it!

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