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The ABCs of HMOs

Posted on: July 1st, 2009 by

Awhile ago, I mentioned that I would address the topic of HMOs and why they are not necessarily the enemy of quality medical treatment. This is the topic of this posting.

Disclaimer: I can only speak from my experience and about my particular HMO, and I am not a paid promoter of HMOs.

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Clueless in New Jersey and Elsewhere

Posted on: June 26th, 2009 by

According to, which has posted an article from, dated June 25 -- before Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died -- sad stories about people's personal battles are just too...well...sad.

The story (the link to the full story below) opens describing how Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut shares her personal battle with ovarian cancer and how Indiana Senator Evan Continue reading the story "Clueless in New Jersey and Elsewhere"

Meet Alicia (aka Dr. Mom)

Posted on: June 25th, 2009 by

I highly recommend the Welcome to My Planet blog (see link below). Alicia is a mother of four, who is a great writer and has deeply touched me with her excellent writing. She mixes eloquence with humor, and I have laughed and cried reading her postings. She writes about anything and makes even the most seemingly mundane things highly interesting.

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Medical Administrator?

Posted on: May 6th, 2009 by

Answer: Not the patient. As covered in previous blogs, when navigating the medical system, bully/incompetent doctors are just one of the many hurdles you face. Other huge hurdles that we patients face include those administrators whose job, it seems, is to make life difficult for us. As if dealing with illness and life-threatening conditions weren't enough. I am Continue reading the story "Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Medical Administrator?"

Cancer Myths

Posted on: May 1st, 2009 by
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Posted on: April 29th, 2009 by
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Beth L. Gainer is a professional writer and has published an essay on her breast cancer experience in the anthology Voices of Breast Cancer by LaChance Publishing. She teaches writing and literature at Robert Morris College in the Chicago area. She can be contacted at and She also blogs on the Continue reading the story "Read More About this Post Here"