Embracing Autumn

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As trees shed their leaves in my part of the US, I have shed my resentment toward a month set aside for pink merchandising and ribbons.

In other words, October is no longer “Pinktober” to me.

Truth is, October is not to blame for being dubbed Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October is innocent, and that is the way I’ve chosen to view this month this year forward. For some reason, I’ve been able to put my blinders on and avoid being bothered by the external pink hoopla.

To me, it seems the pinkwashing has diminished somewhat a little more each year. This year, I am getting fewer solicits to promote pink products on my blog. Ah, the power of the Delete button.

I always manage to pause to take notice of the gorgeous month we are in and how lucky I am to witness and marvel at the beautiful bursts of color of a changing landscape. In fact, fall is a great season here up north. So, putting a positive spin on October and autumn in general, here are 10 reasons I love fall. These are not listed in any order of importance.

1. Apples! My very favorites are Honeycrisp apples. If you haven’t tried them, you ought to. The juice drips down your chin every time you bite into this delectable apple. Last week we went apple picking, which Ari loves! We went to an apple orchard in Woodstock, IL, which is, incidentally, the town where Groundhog Day was filmed. We picked Golden Delicious and Jonagold apples. No Honeycrisps there. Sniff. But we loved the taste of these juicy orbs, so all was good.

Picking apples

Picking apples

2. Hot apple cider. Put a little cinnamon in it, and you are good to go.

3. Fall colors are simply amazing. Every fall, the shock of colors amazes me. Like most people, I love color, and the leaves on and off the trees paint the landscape magnificently.

4. Feeling the crunch of leaves under my feet, much as I love the sound and feel of snow under my feet.

5. The cool, crisp air that smells of fallen, crispy leaves.


6. Hayrides. Being from the Bronx, I was never exposed to hayrides, so I had no idea what they were. I learned in college. I did enjoy the experience, although it took place at night. I do remember a branch or something grabbing my hat, so that item of clothing was soon gone.

7. Halloween, the mild kind. I wasn’t sure whether to include this one on my list because I detest the morbidity and bad behavior that Halloween brings out in people. For example, when I was growing up, some strangers would doctor up candy and such so it was harmful for children. I cannot understand that mentality. Another thing I cannot stand about Halloween is its glorification of gore and death. The holiday is really not my thing, but it made the list because the mild kind is just fine. My daughter dresses up as a ballerina, and we have fun handing out candy to the neighborhood kids. Mild, not wild, is my motto.


8. Pumpkin decorating. I’ll bet you noticed I didn’t say “carving” because I really suck at this. I prefer to draw faces on pumpkins. One year, Ari and I carved two pumpkins in earnest, roasted pumpkin seeds, and put a candle in the pumpkins. We had a blast. I bought Ari a pumpkin recently, but she lost it in her messy room. How can you lose a pumpkin in a house, you may wonder. Well, we did. Now we’d better find it before it rots.

9. Pumpkin pie. No, I’ve never made it from scratch from an actual pumpkin. I get the pumpkin a la can.

10. Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday in the entire universe. With commercialism dominating some of the other holidays, Thanksgiving has remained untouched by commercialism. No politics of gift-giving involved (sorry to sound like Scrooge — and yes I do give and receive gifts), but Thanksgiving is just about being grateful and spending time with loved ones. When I was an out-of-state college student, I started a tradition of cooking a Thanksgiving meal for all my out-of-town friends who couldn’t get home for this holiday. I’ve always loved cooking a Thanksgiving meal. This tradition has continued until the last year or so. I cooked for my out-of-town friends who, like me, didn’t have family around. Now we all have other plans, and I usually go over to a friend’s family’s home for a Thanksgiving meal. It’s so difficult for me to relinquish cooking, that I make a Thanksgiving meal the next day.

Well, there you have it. The 10 things I love about autumn. This list is not all-inclusive.


Do any items on this list resonate with you? Any other things about fall you like?

If you are from another region of the country or from another country with a different climate, are you happy with your climate? What do you love about your climate in fall?

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6 Responses to Embracing Autumn

  1. Estefany G had this to say about that:

    I enjoy reading your blog. Also autumn is such a great season.

  2. Rebecca had this to say about that:

    Hi Beth, thank you for this post! I needed something pleasant to focus on, especially today when I’m feeling down.

    Like you, I’ve also seen less and less pink. Maybe there’s a shift in culture, hopefully fast enough. Cancer Walks that used to happen before around this time aren’t happening this year (like the Revlon Walk).

    I love the Fall and its different colors. Thanksgiving is also my favorite holiday. The pies and the different smells! Just recently I went to a country store and went nuts buying sweets. Yup. This is my favorite season (in addition to Summer).

    I am from NY and I appreciate the climate, especially now that we’ve been getting warmer weather for longer time. The trees are changing colors and it adds a beautiful element to the scenery. Sometimes I wish I lived some place else, though, like California or Canada (for different reasons). But for now, I am trying to enjoy the weather changes while trying to avoid all the Pink stuff.

    It’s always nice to learn more about each other (aside from the cancer mess!).


    • Beth L. Gainer had this to say about that:


      Thank you for your comment. New York is beautiful in the fall. I’m sorry you’d been feeling down.

      I’m glad the emphasis on pink is quieting down, giving way to the beautiful riot of colors coming from the trees. The country store sounds like fun.

      I agree that it’s nice to know more about each other besides cancer. I’m glad to know you, too!

  3. Nancy's Point had this to say about that:

    Hi Beth,
    Well, you know I love fall. And October will always belong to my dad, so it’s extra special to me for that reason alone. There is so much to love about fall though. Well, maybe except for the fact winter comes after it. Oh well. I love the colors, the apples (honeycrisps are my favorites too), the cider, the leaves (not the cleanup part tho), Halloween, the candy, the pumpkins, the cooler temps, the sweatshirt weather and Thanksgiving coming soon. I love everything about October, too, except for, well, you know, the Pinktober part. That gets old fast. Good for you for “disowning” that part of fall. Lovely post, Beth. Thank you! Happy Halloween to you and Ari!

    • Beth L. Gainer had this to say about that:

      Hi Nancy,

      Yes, fall is a wonderful season. I think I could live without winter, although it’s so much fun for Arielle that this cold season warms my heart.

      Glad to hear you love Honeycrisps too! Fabulous apple. And, yes, Pinktober gets old fast….

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