Menagerie Mondays: All Prettied Up But Nowhere to Go

Posted on: July 15th, 2013 by
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A plethora of articles, blog posts, etc. address the pinkification, or “prettying up” of breast cancer. I know I’ve covered this in my blog as well. Of course, this disease is anything but pretty, sexy, or whatever beautification adjective is used.

In the United States, the romanticizing of this disease is symptomatic of a larger problem, I believe. Our culture promotes covering up the pain and truth of a disease or serious issue with pretty wrapping paper.

I relearned this lesson during a recent trip to Miami, FL. Right near an affluent shopping center in this Kardashian-obsessed city, there’s a for-show parking meter that reads “End Homelessness.”

About 50 feet from this meter there was a homeless person lying on the ground.

I guess the meter is supposed to evoke a feel-good vibe. But let’s call it what it is: prettying up a horrifying condition.

Oh, and by the way, parking costs more in Miami than a few coins.


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